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picture of U.S.A flags and text over: novembertrailblazing resources: post-election fallout support

Post U.S Election – so much has changed and is still changing. So many people I care deeply about are feeling scared, threatened, divided and alone. 

Dear one, wherever you are today, I witness and hear you. I know many people are feeling betrayed, terrified and scared for the future, especially people of colour, women, people with disabilities, people of other-than-christian faiths, people of all sexualities and all spaces on the gender spectrums and many others who may be feeling especially ‘other’ and unsafe right now.

I have read that some people are feeling heard and vindicated.
Others may be feeling a mix of so many things.

I have lived through Brexit, (and continue to live with the unfolding ramifications) but I cannot pretend to know how you feel.

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woman in a wheelchair text over: glitter and trailblazing attitude: grace quantock on living well with pain and illness

I’m so excited to have been interviewed on my friend Alana Sheeran‘s amazing podcast.

Come and check it out…listen here.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What it means to be a “trailblazer”
  • Grace’s journey through autoimmune illness
  • Surviving and living well
  • Why Grace creates “healing boxes”
  • Why body glitter? (Why not?)
  • Rising from the ashes of grief
  • This is ME and it’s NOT my fault
  • Beware of judgments
  • Toolkit for the newly diagnosed (on Grace’s website)
  • Stages of healing
  • Awareness is a process
  • How to answer the question, “So, what’s WRONG with you?”
  • How to handle probing questions from others
  • Redefining exercise
  • Find what WORKS for you
  • Micro-volunteering: What is it?
  • How illness affects relationships
  • How Grace and her husband, Linus, make their relationship work
  • How to make your doctor’s appointment NOT be the focus of your day

Come and check it out…listen here & do subscribe on iTunes as Alana’s podcast is awesome and you don’t want to miss any of her amazing offerings.

What’s your top tip on living well with illness? Let me know in the comments!

My Daily Practice: Yoga

my daily practice: yoga a guest post kayla kuin gracequantock.com

Daily Practice series – demystifying daily practice with experts sharing their real-life experience in wellness and self-care modalities.

10 years ago I never though I’d be where I am today.

I was tired ALL THE TIME. Despite the fatigue, I couldn’t sleep through the night. During the day, my brain felt like mush.

I was in University, studying two subjects that I LOVE (classics and psychology), but I couldn’t pay attention in class. In fact, I could barely make the 5 minute walk from my flat to the classroom. I hit a low when the potent sleeping pills I was taking stopped working. Like the other drugs before them, I had grown immune. My one lifeline was gone and I was lost.

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image of palm trees against the sky text: let's be business owners that take health and wellness seriously gracequantock.com

Business can be beautiful, but sometimes it’s felt like I had 2 options: to be ‘successful’ or to practice self-care.

It felt like it wasn’t an option to do both.

Like the company that wanted to take my work all the way (across 5 continents) but only if I disregarded my health and wellness for their schedule. I said ‘no thank you’. Because if I’m not happy, if I’m not congruent and if I’m not me, then it’s not really a success, is it?

This can happen on a large scale – the boss that says you’ll get the promotion if you ‘put in the hours’ or on a smaller scale, where you push through the project to reach the deadline, to be done, to rest but collapse on the other side. And each time it happens, each collapse over the finish line is eating away a little more and a little more still at the very ability to do such work, or get dressed, or live your life.

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paint and pastels, text: wellness and freelancing: 3 ways to make it work gracequantock.com

You want to set your own schedule.

You crave earning your living doing what you love. 

You need to share your talents, to be of service to the world. 

You desire a life that allows space for you, your needs, your self-care, your wellness.

So you are considering freelancing, but with all the conflicting, (and all too often inflated) information online you are wondering if it’s possible for you. And if so, how?

You will hear a lot about people saying going freelance is the best thing they ever did. But make no mistake about it, setting up on your own can be a tough challenge. You are your own boss, yes, but you are also the marketing department, PR, sales, billing, accounts and the cleaner too. Wow whee, it’s a lot.

With this in mind, you might think it impossible to even contemplate embracing wellness as a freelancer.

Well, today, I’m going to look into making wellness and freelancing work. And, in fact, I hope to show you that it can improve your business, rather than take you away from it. Let’s get started with some of the basics.

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